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Welcome to online mezuza (mezuzah) shop.
At the seven species we have an extensive variety of mezuzot that will fit to anyone mezuza (mezuzah) choice. Whether you are looking for a unique mezuza (mezuzah) for special occasions like moving into a new home mezuza (mezuzah), wedding mezuza (mezuzah) for the newlywed Jewish couple.

Whether you would like to affix a mezuza (mezuzah) on a children door using our special children and baby door mezuza (mezuzah) and mezuzot. Or hang up a mezuza (mezuzah) for the office. Or perhaps you would like to give a beautiful mezuza (mezuzah) gift to someone who is dear to you. What ever the special occasion (brit milla, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding or moving into a new home, we are sure that at you will find the right mezuza (mezuzah) for you!

At we have all kind of mezuzot cases, glass mezuza (mezuzah), sterling silver mezuza (mezuzah), children mezuza (mezuzah), Pewter mezuza (mezuzah), large mezuza (mezuzah), small mezuza (mezuzah), car mezuza (mezuzah), Jeruslame stone mezuza (mezuzah), discount mezuza (mezuzah), wedding glass mezuza (mezuzah), wood mezuza (mezuzah), new mezuza (mezuzah) and even antique mezuza (mezuzah). Be sure to find the best and most beautiful mezuzot at